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Magnum Fitness was founded in 2020 by Head Coach and Director Matt Dart. In a small period of time, Magnum's reputation has grown extensively based on its quality and delivery of high end personal training services. It now employs a team of over 6 Trainers based out of two locations in Brisbane, Australia.

Magnum Fitness, specialises in delivering a one-of-a kind Personal Training service with both Face-to-Face and Online deliveries available for its clientele. Our headquarters, The Magnum Results Based Performance Studio is located in Burpengary and our second, is based in Jetts, Bracken Ridge. Our Online services currently help people in multiple countries all over the world!

Working with Magnum Fitness' Qualified Professionals will not only guarantee the results you desire, but will also ensure you are educated with the finer details that other coaches simply don't put the effort in to providing. Simply put, we show you how and exactly why you are achieving the results you are achieving, as you are achieving them!

Magnum Fitness specifically looks after members of the near and far communities who want to drop body fat %, increase strength and overall performance. Wether you are a novice or and experienced athlete, Magnum's approach to each individual client is completely tailored to the individual, ensuring every journey is highly uniques and therefore every goal is accomplished no matter how big or small.

One of the reasons why Magnums reputation has been able to grow so quickly is based on its individualised approach to each of its members.

Once thing we highlight from the start of everyones journey at Magnum, especially at our Training Headquarters in Burpengary, QLD is that we are NOT a gym.

Have you ever been a member of one of your more recognised gym chains?

Ever felt that you were treated like a number opposed to a real person?

We too have been there. This is one of the soul reasons why our approach is unlike no other. Everyone individual has different needs, requirements, sometimes restrictions that simply need to be looked at and treaded individually. Something that so many other Fitness Facilities fail to recognise.

Taking this on board, we have been able to put together many one-of-a-kind products and services that not only ensure, when carried out, get you the results that you are seeking, but you are delivered them in a way that you simply will not have experienced before.

Intrigued to find out more? We are so confident that you will choose Magnum to be your new partner in Fitness that we offer every individual who wants to give it a go a completely complimentary Mind and Body, Results Specific Training Session, free of charge to ensure that you are happy with us before you decide to commit to us.

To book in your free session, or even a tour of the location that suits you best simply select from one of the options below and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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